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Кот в мешке

Round Statistic

Кот в мешке / Погоня за котом

Tournament grid

Large grid

Additional Information about championship

Game Rules

  • Double bids: 3 for Home team, 2 for Away team
  • Regular time only

Tiebreaker criteria

  • 1. Number of wins
  • 2. Scoring differential
  • 3. More guest goals scores
  • 4. Overtime win in all games
  • 5. Penalty win in all games
  • 6. Overtime win in the last game of stage
  • 7. Penalty series win in the last game of stage
  • 8. Ranking on tournament start

Roster Details

  • Min. players in team: 2
  • Max. players in team: 2
  • Players in main roster: 2

Scoring rule

  • Sum all goals
Регламент "Своя игра 2017" Large version
Регламент турнира "Кот в мешке" Large version
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